Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 6, 2018: Chain Lakes Trail & Artist Point, Mt. Baker, Washington

Tomyhoi Peak, Yellow Aster Butte, & American Border Peak Mt. Shuksan pink mountain heather white mountain heather white mountain heather
pink & white mountain heather pink mountain heather lupines subalpine spirea Swift Creek Basin
partridgefoot Mt. Shuksan white lupine Mt. Shuksan white small-flowered paintbrush
alpine lady fern fiddleheads northeast end of Ptarmigan Ridge Cascade huckleberry flowers Mt. Shuksan, Artist's Point (Kulshan Ridge), & snowfields west side of Table Mountain
Ptarmigan Ridge, Lasiocarpa Ridge, & Mt. Baker partridgefoot, budding Sitka mountain-ash corn lily, budding subalpine spirea
Sitka valerian alpine alumroot corn lily fan-leaf cinquefoil leather-leaf saxifrage
brook saxifrage arctic sweet coltsfoot tufted monkeyflower & willow-herb willow-herb slender bog orchid
white small-flowered paintbrush Mazama Lake Lewis' monkeyflower, budding white marsh-marigolds, going to seed aquatic gardens
willow-herb flower among moss and leaves Mazama Dome, Table Mountain, & Iceberg Lake panorama pink mountain heather & Table Mountain white rhododendron (Cascade azalea) Hayes Lake
five-leaf bramble Table Mountain & Mt. Baker creeping sibbaldia western pasqueflower seed-heads Table Mountain
5-, 6-, and 7-petaled phlox alpine speedwell Lewis' monkeyflower subalpine fleabane & Lewis' monkeyflower snow buttercup
subalpine fleabane & Lewis' monkeyflower false asphodel subalpine fleabane grass-of-Parnassus, budding flowy water
alpine leafy-bract aster Upper Bagley Lake & Table Mountain [bracket] copperbush flowers butterwort violet
Table Mountain & Upper Bagley Lake alpine mitrewort elephant's-head lousewort lupines wildflowers
stone arch bridges wildflowers twisted hemlock tree broad-leaf fireweed (dwarf fireweed) Mt. Baker
Mt. Shuksan, reflected breathing snowfield breathing snowfield double sunset Mt. Baker & a pond
Tolmie's saxifrage Mt. Shuksan Mt. Sefrit Mt. Shuksan & Picture Lake Mt. Shuksan, Picture Lake, & reeds

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