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April 18, 2014: Catherine Creek, Dalles Mountain Road, & Tom McCall Preserve

This trip to the Columbia River Gorge included three destinations: Catherine Creek and Dalles Mountain Road in Washington, and then Rowena Plateau (Tom McCall Preserve) on the Oregon side.
bi-colored cluster lilies rosy plectritis camas rosy plectritis camas & rosy plectritis
sand clover prairie stars shepherd's cress baby stars naked broomrape
baby stars poet's shooting star phacelia desert parsley foliage western fence lizard
wasp's nest tansy-mustard fiddleneck balsamroot & lupines balsamroot & lupines
balsamroot & lupines (and phlox) balsamroot & bunchgrass panorama Carey's balsamroot Carey's balsamroot fiddleneck
Yakima milk-vetch pollen-covered beetles on balsamroot balsamroot & lupines Columbia River pungent desert parsley
small-flowered blue-eyed Mary bi-colored cluster lily popcorn flower coastal man-root common vetch
lupine Carey's balsamroot cliffs above Rowena Dell white plectritis phlox bonsai
yellow bells seed pod seven-spotted ladybug sand clover Carey's balsamroot Carey's balsamroot
miniature lupine filaree seeds Carey's balsamroot at sunset prairie stars Carey's balsamroot after sunset

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