Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 18, 2012: Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

wild rose Columbia windflower phantom orchid shoots phantom orchid shoots vetch
northern Pacific rattlesnake spotted coralroot balsamroot balsamroot paintbrush
bi-colored cluster lily death-camas balsamroot & Wind Mountain balsamroot bright green beetle on leafy pea flower
Pacific waterleaf woodland stars bitter cherry rosy plectritis Hooker's fairy bells
star-flowered false solomon's seal balsamroot-covered slopes balsamroot & lenticular clouds balsamroot-covered slopes spreading phlox
Wind Mountain & balsamroot balsamroot-covered slopes arrow-leaf balsamroot alpine pennycress Allison, silhouetted
salmonberry flower western wake-robin (trillium) sunset Mt. St. Helens at sunset Wind Mountain at sunset
Mt. Hood & Mt. Defiance sunset Mt. St. Helens at sunset after sunset tall grass after sunset

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