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August 27, 2016: Enchantments One-Day Traverse, Washington

Because The Enchantments are very very popular, you need to enter a lottery to get a permit to stay overnight there. But you don't need to do anything special for day use — so I hiked the entire 20 miles from Stuart Lake Trailhead to Snow Lake Trailhead in a single day. (For the record, I don't recommend it; the second half was pretty boring. It'd be better to go in and out on the Colchuck Lake side.)

Here's a map.

pine-mat manzanita berries Columbia lewisia Stuart Lake's basin Colchuck Lake, Aasgard Pass, & Dragontail Peak Colchuck Glacier & Colchuck Peak
grass-of-Parnassus black twin-berry Colchuck Peak & clouds broad-leaf fireweed Colchuck Lake & Cashmere Mountain
Aasgard Pass lemon sagewort flowers lance-leaf arnica Colchuck Lake spreading stonecrop
round-leaf alumroot cushion buckwheat Dragontail Peak Colchuck Lake panorama edge of Dragontail Peak
Dragontail Peak mountain goat sharp rocks Colchuck Lake & the Central Cascades Lyall's goldenweed
Sitka mist-maiden Drummond's cinquefoil purple mountain saxifrage leaves Jacob's ladder Buek's groundsel/ragwort
southeast ridge of Dragontail Peak Colchuck Lake & the Central Cascades moss campion mountain goat, wallowing Isolation Lake & Little Annapurna
alpine sandwort pika Lyall's rock-cress mountain goat pink mountain heather
small-flowered penstemon Isolation Lake & Little Annapurna tundra aster moss & mountains Isolation Lake & Dragontail Peak
Wenatchee paintbrush, red form orange agoseris yellow coral-bells water flowing over granite broad-leaf fireweed
Upper Enchantments Basin western Labrador tea Upper Enchantments Basin calving snowfield & Little Annapurna mountain goats
Enchantment Peaks Prusik Peak & The Temple white mountain heather McClellan Peak & Crystal Lake Upper Enchantments Basin
Inspiration Lake, Prusik Peak, & The Temple Perfection Lake & McClellan Peak larch trees & Inspiration Lake subalpine fleabane Perfection Lake & Little Annapurna
Sprite Lake & McClellan Peak Snow Creek & Prusik Peak Prusik Peak, The Temple, & Lower Enchantments Basin McClellan Peak & Leprechaun Lake Snow Lakes
Prusik Peak & Lake Viviane Snow Creek & granite sharp-tooth angelica Lower Snow Lake Nada Lake
Wenatchee paintbrush, yellow/white form tassel-flower brickellbush water blasting out of the hillside Cascade mountain-ash berries Nada Lake & Wedge Mountain at sunset

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