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April 24, 2013: Pinnacles National Park, California

This place was formerly known as Pinnacles National Monument; now it's Pinnacles National Park. But according to Wikipedia, "the change in designation does not change the park's status, management, or purpose." Okay then.

Here's a map of the hike.

Balconies Cliffs California poppies, in the morning High Peaks, backlit purple chinese houses purple chinese houses
winter vetch monkeyflower San Francisco woodland star meadow death-camas California golden violet
elegant clarkia variable linanthus slender tarweed blue dicks purple chinese houses
wallflower sticky monkeyflower golden yarrow buckwheat California buckwheat
deerweed (California broom) holly-leaf cherry Alfred Hitchcock? big-berry manzanita pinnacles
manzanita bark chamise elegant clarkia The Fingers paintbrush
High Peaks & Balconies fringed onion fringe-pod wild oats bush poppy
High Peaks Trail colorful lichens California ground squirrel bush poppy California condor
very narrow trail western fence lizard High Peaks pinnacles pointed cryptantha (?)
venus thistle western whiptail lizard Balconies pale swallowtail butterfly pinnacles
point-leaf manzanita berries pinnacles Indian warrior woolly bluecurls black sage
sticky monkeyflower California hedge-nettle blue dicks chick lupine butterfly mariposa lily
butterfly mariposa lily chaparral clarkia chick lupine chick lupine Coast Range triteleia
pipe-stem clematis silverpuff seeds larkspur woolly bluecurls tufted poppies & elegant clarkia
California maidenhair fern fiddleneck scarlet bugler blue fiesta flower arroyo lupine (?)
blue-witch nightshade berries blue-witch nightshade silver bush lupine (?) white-fringed onion California poppies
blue dicks (and a velvet mite) Pacific pea gray mule-ears Balconies Cliffs acmon blue butterfly on golden yarrow
white-stem hedge-nettle variable checkerspot butterfly entrance to Balconies Cave looking back toward the cave entrance rock wedged in a narrow canyon
popcorn flower buckeye butterfly on woolly-fruit desert parsley woolly-fruit desert parsley Machete Ridge (on right) Condor Crags

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