Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 3, 2013: Johnston Ridge, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington

Here's a map of the hike.
Mount St. Helens Coldwater Peak garter snake wildflowers (mostly paintbrush & lupine) paintbrush
dwarf lupine Johnston Ridge the trail narrow trail Scouler's harebell (pale bellfower)
hummocks fireweed Oregon stonecrop hummocks half-baked caterpillars?
western tent caterpillars fireweed huckleberry double strawberry blossom The Dome & Mount Margaret
Spirit Lake foxglove sawfly gall on a willow leaf bumblebee on agoseris orange agoseris
caterpillar nest scarlet paintbrush woodland beard-tongue wildflowers pumice plain & clouds
willow-herb seeds paintbrush & Mount St. Helens Cardwell's penstemon view to the northeast water droplet on lupine leaf

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