Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 13, 2014: Horse Rock Ridge, Linn County, Oregon

field of blue flax spider on blue flax yellow-leaf iris calypso orchids calypso orchid, white form
Oregon fawn lily boreal sandwort changing forget-me-not monkeyflower nodding chickweed (and onions)
Oregon fawn lily Horse Rock Ridge rusty-hair saxifrage onions & blue-eyed mary blue-eyed mary
wildflowers monkeyflower & rosy plectritis paintbrush paintbrush scalloped onion
cut-leaf daisy Alaskan shooting stars Horse Rock Ridge common lomatium miniature lupine
red-flowering currant fragrant bedstraw woodland star Oregon sunshine, budding paintbrush
Oregon fawn lily cut-leaf daisies & Mt. Jefferson chickweed monkeyflower small-flowered wilow-herb Menzies' larkspur, budding
fields of monkeyflower baby stars great camas blue flax, budding hairy paintbrush
death-camas southeast meadows of Horse Rock Ridge Menzies' larkspur deltoid balsamroot thistle
wet meadow Nuttall's saxifrage moss great camas spotted coralroot

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