Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 2, 2008: Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

deer brush yellow salsify thread-leaf phacelia orange honeysuckle white spirea
meadow barley (?) trailing blackberry flowers small-flowered lotus spreading hedge-parsley Columbia River & Shellrock Mountain
forktooth ookow forktooth ookow farewell-to-spring farewell-to-spring wild rose
farewell-to-spring & threadleaf phacelia farewell-to-spring threadleaf phacelia spreading dogbane trailing blackberry
lupine lupine & paintbrush lupine & paintbrush stonecrop flowers checker/chocolate lily seedheads
northern upside-down flower Nick Eaton Ridge (left), Wind Mountain, & Hamilton Mountain star-flowered Solomon's seal Pacific starflower Columbia windflower
field chickweed white western groundsel wildflower-covered slopes Wind River Valley checker lily
balsamroot & Mount Defiance western buttercups prairie stars silvery blue butterfly on my ankle salmonberry flower
rock penny-cress butterfly on some kind of cress (?) checker lily buds Hooker's fairybells bumblebee on Hooker's fairybells
Dutchman's breeches red elderberry flowers wildflowers wildflowers trails through wildflowers
balsamroot balsamroot balsamroot candy flower balsamroot & Dog Mountain's summit
phantom orchid shoots phantom orchid shoot popcorn flower Oregon alligator lizard farewell-to-spring
farewell-to-spring farewell-to-spring forktooth ookow & farewell-to-spring yellow irises yellow irises & lily pads

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