Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 21-23, 2017: Rogue River Valley, Oregon

Most of these photos are not actually from the Rogue Valley, but from places NEAR the Rogue Valley: Eight Dollar Mountain and the Illinois River; Babyfoot Lake in the Siskiyou Mountains; Grizzly Peak northeast of Ashland; Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument; Lithia Park; and King Mountain Area of Critical Environmental Concern in northeastern Josephine County.
slender clarkia foothill poppies rough eyelash-weed elegant brodiaea Howell's mariposa lily
Howell's horkelia American bird's-foot trefoil (Spanish clover) Eight Dollar Mountain spent narrow-leaf onion flowers Howell's mariposa lilies
California bog asphodel California pitcher plants Bigelow's sneezeweed Vollmer's leopard lily & pitcher plants California pitcher plant flowers
California bog asphodel & pitcher plants California pitcher plants bog St. John's wort (tinker's penny) centaury bare-stem buckwheat
Illinois River Illinois River Indian rhubarb (umbrella plant), going to seed Bach's calico flower Bach's calico flower
elegant brodiaea rosy owl's-clover death-camas California pitcher plants Del Norte checker-bloom
Siskiyou paintbrush Del Norte checker-bloom Siskiyou ragwort (Puget butterweed) rosy owl's-clover Bigelow's sneezeweed
sneezeweed & death-camas waxy coneflower huge vernal pool chapparal morning glory yellow-leaf iris seed capsules
California milkwort rose-flowered stonecrop Illinois River & Siskiyou Mountains spreading dogbane trailing snowberry flowers
big deer-vetch seed-pods deer brush narrow-leaf blue-eyed-Mary Siskiyou Mountains Siskiyou iris
big deer-vetch azure penstemon pussy-paws frosted paintbrush green-leaf manzanita berries
white bleeding hearts Pacific rhododendron broad-leaf stonecrop hot pink rose yellow-leaf iris
Klamath fleabane (Klamath daisy), budding plant bug nymph on Klamath fleabane white rose western azalea western azalea
Babyfoot Lake meadow bird's-foot trefoil salal flowers Biscuit Fire damage Cardwell's penstemon
wildflowers & rocks broad-leaf starflower shiny-leaf gooseberry (Sierra gooseberry) marbled wild ginger leaves marbled wild ginger flower
Siskiyou penstemon cliff penstemon silvercrown few-flowered bog orchid wintergreen, budding
Biscuit Fire damage Siskiyou onion Siskiyou lewisia Siskiyou lewisia Siskiyou onion, in two colors
Siskiyou lewisia wildflowers Pearsoll Peak larkspur mist-maidens
red-flowering currant Siskiyou false hellebore, budding beargrass slender golden-banner (mountain pea) El Capitan & Preston Peak
royal Jacob's-ladder (great Polemonium) great hound's-tongue small-flowered tonella blue stickseed tall bugbane (southern Oregon variety)
mountain larkspur leaves blue dicks nodding microseris sticky starwort spotted mountain bells
Sierra pea-vine mountain owl's-clover buckwheat flowers larkspur common tarweed
Siskiyou onion & sulphur-flower buckwheat rosy plectritis view toward Medford sulphur-flower buckwheat & rosy plectritis rosy plectritis & cut-leaf owl's-clover
cut-leaf owl's clover rosy plectritis & monkeyflower white brodiaea (wild hyacinth) Siskiyou onion & rosy plectritis western groundsel
camas & rosy plectritis camas & rosy plectritis nettle-leaf horse mint Ashland, Mt. Ashland, & Wagner Butte Oregon sunshine & Mt. Shasta
wildflowers blue-head gilia Alice's fleabane baneberry flowers scabland fleabane & Siskiyou onions
Siskiyou onion dwarf lupine, Siskiyou onion, & scabland fleabane scabland fleabane & ball-head sandwort Mt. Shasta, Pilot Rock, The Eddys, & Emigrant Lake Fendler's waterleaf
wild forget-me-not moth caterpillar angle-leaf mitrewort Mt. McLoughlin white bog orchid lupines
western geranium mule's-ears checker-mallow spider on slender cinquefoil prairie smoke
wet meadow hairy owl's-clover (white paintbrush) Tolmie's mariposa lily woolly-head clover sticky cinquefoil
view to the south round-tooth ookow slender clarkia thimbleberry flowers striped coralroot
phantom orchid Henderson's stars heart-leaf arnica four-spotted skimmer dragonfly blue-eyed grass
Siskiyou Mountains owl's-clover paintbrush Siskiyou Mountains owl's-clover serpentine phacelia balloon-pod milk-vetch
Bolander's yampah round-leaf snowberry pink honeysuckle California ground-cone diamond clarkia
grand collomia, white round-tooth ookow California harebell fisher sculpture spillway wheel
large-flowered blue-eyed-Mary wildflowers Peck's phacelia Bolander's catchfly mahala mat
mountain white-thorn frosted paintbrush elegant mariposa lily azure penstemon leafy fleabane
flat-stem onion broad-leaf stonecrop creamy stonecrop bell catchfly (slender campion) wildflowers
wallflower view to the southwest sulphur flower & stonecrop spreading phlox & western groundsel yellow-leaf iris, budding
bead lily larkspur hairy owl's-clover (white paintbrush) Peck's phacelia woodland phlox

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