Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 17, 2011: Elowah Falls, Oregon

scarlet columbine herb Robert woods strawberry white inside-out flower Pacific starflower
Elowah Falls Elowah Falls Elowah Falls Elowah Falls small-flowered blue-eyed Mary
chickweed monkeyflower changing forget-me-not changing forget-me-not candy flower Elowah Falls
white shooting stars western bleeding-hearts banana slug old pipe Scouler's valerian
Columbian larkspur (cow poison) Oregon bolandra (northern false coolwort) Oregon bolandra (northern false coolwort) Columbian larkspur (cow poison) rock penstemon
broadleaf stonecrop broadleaf stonecrop woolly sunflower Columbia Gorge daisy forget-me-nots
western featherbells (bronze bells) Mertens' saxifrage western featherbells (bronze bells) paintbrush Upper McCord Creek Falls
salmonberries Pacific waterleaf Pacific waterleaf Howell's fleabane Scouler's corydalis
Laura at the top of the falls Hamilton Mountain, Table Mountain, & Mount Adams

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