Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 19, 2018: Truman Trail to Loowit Falls, Mt. St. Helens, Washington

scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon paintbrush & montia paintbrush, montia, & penstemon Mount St. Helens & paintbrush dwarf lupine
Cardwell's penstemon scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon paintbrush, penstemon, & Coldwater Peak Cascade penstemon
scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon Devil's Elbow Trail small-flowered alumroot glaucous willow-herb wildflowers
Cardwell's penstemon & Johnston Ridge pussy-paws Mount St. Helens & Pumice Plain The Dome, Mount Margaret, & hummocks orange agoseris
midget phlox rough cat's-ear white hawkweed western tent caterpillars hummocks & Spirit Lake
Harry's Ridge & hummocks silty ponds and hummocks Mount St. Helens' crater meadow hawkweed silver-leaf phacelia
furrowed ground yellow monkeyflower dwarf pearlwort American speedwell dwarf lupine
small-flowered forget-me-not paintbrush, sheep sorrel, & Spirit Lake pussy-paws moss, rushes, & willows Mount St. Helens & paintbrush
Windy Ridge thatching ant mound white Cardwell's penstemon east rim of Mount St. Helens partridgefoot
Loowit Falls & the west rim of Mount St. Helens kinnickinnick (bearberry) Loowit Falls blast zone panorama dwarf lupine
mountain goat fur Cardwell's penstemon scarlet paintbrush, Cardwell's penstemon, & sheep sorrel pussy-paws wildflowers, Spirit Lake, & Mt. Margaret
silver-leaf phacelia bumblebee on silver-leaf phacelia Loowit Falls & Step Falls western thatching ants broad-petal strawberry flowers
lupine long-leaf starwort marsh horsetail spreading stonecrop, budding little-leaf montia
paintbrush & partridgefoot Coldwater Peak & Peak 5332 scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon scarlet paintbrush & Cardwell's penstemon rusty saxifrage
paintbrush, penstemon, & Mount St. Helens Mount St. Helens pink yarrow paintbrush paintbrush & other flowers
paintbrush & Mount St. Helens sooty grouse lupines pearly everlasting, budding Minnie Peak & Coldwater Lake

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