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November 3, 2007: Mount St. Helens climb, Washington

We climbed the "normal" route up Mount Saint Helens: Climber's Bivouac to Monitor Ridge to the southernmost part of the crater rim. (The true summit is just west of the top of the trail, but it's pretty much off-limits.) I originally thought it would be insane to climb a mountain in November, but the conditions actually turned out to be excellent. There'd been quite a bit of snow in October, so the loose ash and gravel that normally makes it hard to get traction was either covered in hard-packed snow or still wet. Temperatures were in the 40s, but the sun made it feel warmer; the wind was only an issue at the very top.
Mount St. Helens at sunrise the trail bottom of the Swift Creek Lava Flow view to the southeast Mount Hood
Mount Hood pearly everlasting partridgefoot pink mountain heather looking up Monitor Ridge toward the summit
Goat Mountain Mount Adams view to the west solar panel the top of Monitor Ridge
passing clouds the top of the trail clouds above Swift Glacier Adam Mount Adams
the last 500 feet below the rim lava dome crater rim & Mount Adams Mount Rainier & Spirit Lake Mt. St. Helens crater panorama
Monitor Ridge from above southeastern wall of the crater the blast zone Johnston Ridge eastern wall of the crater
western wall of the crater west arm of Crater (Tulutson) Glacier lava dome close-up Adam the true summit (unreachable)
crater rim & Mount Adams the blast zone glissade tracks Worm Complex lava flows people on the crater rim
rocks and snow monitoring station & Yale Lake tracks in the snow climbing down boulders looking back up the ridge
view toward the summit rock garden Mount Adams smooth lava pearly everlasting
pearly everlasting snowball fight! Monitor Ridge from below Mount Adams noble fir bracts
beargrass in the snow backlit noble firs autumn fern Mount St. Helens Mount St. Helens

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