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May 4, 2019: Columbia Hills State Park, Washington

There were also brief stops at a couple of waterfalls and viewpoints in the western Gorge.
wildflower-covered hills western meadowlark balsamroot & lupines balsamroot & lupine panorama fiddleneck
Carey's balsamroot & Mt. Hood lupine balsamroot & lupines balsamroot & lupines oak trees
Hood River milk-vetch balsamroot & lupines cluster lilies & desert parsley small-flowered lupine balsamroot & lupines
balsamroot & lupines Carey's balsamroot small-flowered lupines bi-colored cluster lilies bi-colored cluster lilies
wildflowers & Mt. Hood lupines & balsamroot panicled death-camas balsamroot, lupines, & death-camas manroot flowers
phlox & balsamroot showy phlox balsamroot & lupines white water buttercups (crowfoot) white water buttercups (crowfoot)
Indra swallowtail butterfly wildflowers velvet lupine heart-leaf buckwheat slender-fruited desert parsley
The Dalles Mountain car velvet lupine, budding yellow monkeyflower Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, & Goat Rocks white dagger pod
false agoseris big-seed biscuitroot scabland buckwheat silky lupine pink dagger pod
bare-stem desert parsley bare-stem desert parsley, budding balsamroot & lupines balsamroot & lupines balsamroot & lupines
balsamroot & lupines bottom of Cabin Creek Falls top of Cabin Creek Falls Cabin Creek Falls vertical panorama Sitka mist-maidens
Coopey Falls western corydalis common viburnum Vista House & Columbia River Gorge Columbia River Gorge

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