Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 8-10, 2019: Central Washington

I visited a whole bunch of places over the course of three days in the Columbia Plateau: Wild Horse Wind Farm, Beezley Hills Preserve, Steamboat Rock, Grand Coulee, Moses Coulee, Douglas Creek Canyon, Wenatchee Foothills, Peshastin Pinnacles, and finally Leavenworth Ski Hill. Here's a map.
windmills Hooker's balsamroot & a wind turbine narrow-leaf goldenweed lupines Hooker's balsamroot & lupines
Leiberg's milk-vetch Hooker's balsamroot & lupines big-head clover Thompson's paintbrush Modoc hawksbeard
black-spined snowball cactus few-flowered rock-cress narrow tansy-mustard black-spined snowball cactus black-spined snowball cactus
big-seed biscuitroot prairie stars thread-leaf phacelia wing-nut cryptantha Thompson's paintbrush
desert yellow daisies, budding Douglas' buckwheat narrow-leaf goldenweed balsamroot & lupines rock lupine
long-leaf phlox & narrow-leaf goldenweed lupines false agoseris low pussy-toes Columbia phlox
woolly-pod milk-vetch strict buckwheat sagebrush violets curve-pod milk-vetch curve-pod milk-vetch
onion, budding thyme-leaf buckwheat Franklin's sandwort enormous clump of showy phlox bugloss fiddleneck
Carey's balsamroot cushion fleabane cushion fleabane sulphur lupines sulphur lupines & groundsel
narrow-leaf goldenweed wildflowers & hills Thompson's paintbrush Columbia puccoon few-flowered rock-cress
umber pussy-toes Leiberg's milk-vetch brodiaea & a bee big-leaf lupines white big-leaf lupines
big-leaf lupines big-leaf lupines & balsamroot pink and white big-leaf lupines sulphur lupines & big-leaf lupines Thompson's paintbrush
desert yellow daisies Douglas' brodiaea western groundsel Gairdner's penstemon small bluebells
long-leaf phlox shooting star seed pods Oregon sunshine, budding upland larkspur wildflowers & hills
thyme-leaf buckwheat black-spined snowball cactus stiff sagebrush black-spined snowball cactus Gairdner's penstemon, budding
thyme-leaf buckwheat sulphur lupines sunset sunset over the Enchantments Grand Coulee
balsamroot in Grand Coulee spiny hop-sage thread-leaf phacelia Lake Lenore Caves trail rock buckwheat
basalt cave lava cress (flax-leaf plains-mustard) Grand Coulee's Dry Falls Grand Coulee & Dry Falls panorama Steamboat Rock & Banks Lake
Steamboat Rock & Banks Lake lupine & bumblebee balsamroot pine tree & Steamboat Rock bastard toadflax
long-leaf phlox with 7 petals coyote edge of Steamboat Rock Spalding's milk-vetch Hooker's balsamroot
hybrid balsamroot white lupines round-leaf alumroot, budding northwestern saxifrage panicled death-camas
Banks Lake & Devil's Punch Bowl upland larkspur narrow-leaf collomia lupines & groundsel wildflowers on Steamboat Rock
enormous bumblebee bitterroot thread-leaf phacelia, budding wildflowers on top of the mesa lupines
pink lupines desert yellow daisies Chelan penstemon Banks Lake through a crevice rocks at the north end of Banks Lake
Great Basin desert parsley woolly-pod milk-vetch lupines Chelan penstemon buckwheat
convergent ladybug on wild tarragon east side of Grand Coulee Grand Coulee Dam shaggy fleabane, budding desert yellow daisies in Moses Coulee
cushion fleabane yellow-bellied marmot (rock chuck) sulphur lupines upland larkspur Leiberg's milk-vetch
woolly midge gall on sagebrush taper-tip onion, budding edge of Moses Coulee sagebrush stickseed bare-stem desert parsley
long-leaf phlox & bare-stem desert parsley balsamroot golden currant wax currant Wenatchee Mountains
The Enchantments wildflowers Gairdner's penstemon Modoc hawksbeard Rock Island Canyon
Douglas Creek ford wildflowers desert yellow daisies Thompson's paintbrush Douglas Creek Canyon
pungent desert parsley round-leaf alumroot Douglas Creek Canyon Moses Coulee antelope bitterbrush
wildflowers and Wenatchee wildflowers & mountains wildflowers & mountains desert yellow daisies branched lupine flower
fuzzy-tongue penstemon thread-leaf fleabane shrubby bedstraw, fruiting arrow-leaf buckwheat tall buckwheat
red-osier dogwood Martian Slab Douglas' pincushion (hoary false-yarrow) Dinosaur Tower snowbrush
sagebrush stickseed thin-petal larkspur chokecherry flowers Dinosaur Tower & Austrian Slab camas
swale desert parsley (Wyeth biscuitroot) silver-crown luina pea-vine buckbrush arrow-leaf balsamroot
arrow-leaf balsamroot western sweet-cicely fine-tooth penstemon Wenatchee Valley grand collomia
slender hawksbeard, budding showy phlox & balsamroot serviceberry flowers thin-petal larkspur arrow-leaf balsamroot
lupines small-flowered blazing-star (and a velvet mite) arrow-leaf balsamroot arrow-leaf balsamroot arrow-leaf balsamroot

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