Adam Schneider's
digital photos

September 19, 2015: Cloud Cap to Langille Crags & Coe Creek, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Hood from the Hood River Valley Mount Hood Mt. Adams & Mt. Rainier climbing the west rope Mount Hood & Eliot Glacier
buckwheat leaves Mount Hood & Langille Crags ascending the west moraine cracked rock & Mount Hood Eliot Glacier & Cooper Spur
Langille Crags & Mt. Adams crevasse rescue practice helicopter Cooper Spur & clouds partridgefoot seeds & snow
Barrett Spur & Langille Glacier "Mooney tarn" & Elk Cove descending from Langille Crags mountain bluebird (female) Mooney tarn
Langille Glacier & Mt. Hood 1975 Mooney plane crash wreckage gossamer Barrett Spur & Compass Creek Valley fall colors
ladybug pearly everlasting huckleberry leaves fireweed Sitka mountain-ash berries
monkeyflower Coe Creek mountain-ash leaves waterfall on Compass Creek mushroom
Langille Crags mountain-ash leaves lupine mushroom phacelia leaves
catchfly seeds evening clouds & Mount Hood Lewis' monkeyflower silty water Mount Hood, reflected
patterns in the sand miniature landscape algae in Eliot Creek Mount Adams & a cairn Mount Hood & Eliot Creek

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