Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 20, 2006: Vista Ridge & Eden Park, Mt. Hood, Oregon

fireweed cairn & Mount Hood Barrett Spur & Mount Hood tortoiseshell butterflies on the trail a wet meadow
western pasqueflower seedheads Gray's lovage aster, grass, & faded heather sickletop lousewort corn lily (false hellebore)
corn lily (false hellebore) lupine-filled meadow lupine-filled meadow lupine, paintbrush, groundsel, & boulders Mount Hood
white rhododendron leaves avalanche lily leaves grasshoppers paintbrush & Lewis' monkeyflower Cairn Basin shelter
Mount Hood red admiral butterfly wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers some kind of sedge aerial view of Eden Park tadpole & immature salamander or newt tadpole
fireweed fireweed stream & field of cotton-grass arrowleaf groundsel rusty saxifrage
rusty saxifrage aster aster & flower fly, from below aster, from below flower fly on an aster
partridgefoot rattlesnake orchid Sitka mountain ash berries pearly everlasting pearly everlasting

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