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August 16, 2007: Pinnacle Ridge to Elk Cove, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Cascades bilberries (blue-leaf huckleberries) Cascades bilberries (blue-leaf huckleberries) subalpine spirea sticky false asphodel seedpods rusty saxifrage
rusty saxifrage subalpine daisy wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
Tolmie's saxifrage Dollar Lake Mount Hood Cascade asters cliffs above Elk Cove
paintbrush & asters Cascade asters & Mount Hood subalpine daisies yellow monkeyflower monkeyflower petals
Lewis' monkeyflower meadow, looking north Sitka valerian American dipper wildflowers by a stream
Barrett Spur & wildflowers Barrett Spur & wildflowers wildflowers by a stream western pasqueflower & asters Cascade asters
Cascade asters Mount Hood Mount Hood, paintbrush, & pasqueflowers Mount Adams cinquefoil
pink mountain heather white mountain heather Tolmie's saxifrage the trail lupines & paintbrush
wildflowers lupines & heather wildflowers wildflowers Lewis' monkeyflower, budding
subalpine daisy explorer's gentian fringed grass of Parnassus Cascades bilberries (blue-leaf huckleberries) Cascades bilberry (blue-leaf huckleberry)

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