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June 24-25, 2015: Olympic National Park, Washington

The first day was cloudy, the second day was sunny. The sunny-day hike was a 10.5-mile one-way trip from Hurricane Ridge (5250') up to Klahane Ridge (6050'), and then down past Lake Angeles to Heart o' the Hills (1830'), near the park entrance. That trek had about 2000' of ascent — and 5500' of descent.
Mt. Olympius & Mt. Carrie spirea Mt. Angeles & South Branch Little River western sweet-vetch Olympic onion
paintbrush Columbia tiger lilies short-spurred rein orchid wild rose bumbebee on sickle-top lousewort
avalanche lily pink mountain heather lupine white rhododendron wandering fleabane
Parry's catchfly mountain sandwort narrow-sepal phacelia deer Oregon sunshine (woolly sunflower)
Mertens' rush & yellow monkeyflower Cascade penstemon Madison Creek Falls salal twinflowers
twinflowers Marymere Falls thumbleberry flowers old-growth forest Sol Duc Falls
Sol Duc River Scouler's corydalis oval-leaf blueberry water ouzel salmonberry
western oak fern Strait of Juan de Fuca Crescent Bay Mt. Olympus & the Bailey Range cow parsnip
Lillian River Valley & McCartney Peak western wormwood mountain owl-clover Hurricane Hill mountain goat
mountain goat gray jays Jacob's ladder Mt. Angeles & Klahhane Ridge pink mountain heather
wormwood, budding Olympic aster Klahhane Ridge naked broomrape field crescent butterfly on Oregon sunshine
yellow paintbrush mountain goats nodding arnica spreading stonecrop Olympic harebells
Olympic harebells cliffs below Mt. Angeles mountain ladybug on thistle Hurricane Ridge & Mt. Olympus yellow-flower locoweed
shrubby cinquefoil Olympic violet tufted alpine saxifrage Pacific anemone Mt. Angeles
view to the northeast six-spotted orb-weaver spider silky phacelia Mt. Olympus, Mt. Carrie, & Hurricane Ridge hairy cinquefoil
prairie smoke Mt. Angeles varied-leaf cinquefoil Cusick's speedwell magenta paintbrush
woolly pussy-toes Mt. Baker & Dungeness Bay green stink bug on Tolmie's saxifrage alpine meadow silky phacelia
Drummond's cinquefoil Pacific anemone Olympic harebells white mountain heather cliff dwarf-primrose
east end of Klahhane Ridge Klahhane Ridge & Mt. Angeles Port Angeles & Victoria cut-leaf fleabane Klahhane Ridge panorama
Davidson's penstemon Lake Angeles & the Strait of Juan de Fuca lupine & Sitka valerian Mt. Angeles & Second Top Lake Angeles
Sitka valerian Lake Angeles slender bog orchid elephant's-head lousewort white bog orchid
western false asphodel trio of trillium leaves pinesap Pacific starflower western coralroot
green-flowered wintergreen twinflowers Ennis Creek bunchberry flowers pink wintergreen
little pipsissewa pinedrops pinedrops close-up gnome plant gnome plant

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