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July 7, 2018: Mount Aix, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Mt. Aix is a pretty substantial mountain (7766') that no one has ever heard of because it's in the middle of nowhere, on the eastern edge of the Cascades halfway between Mt. Rainier and Yakima.
white-veined pyrola grouse whortleberries twinflower pink pyrola round-leaf alumroot
pipsissewa, budding one-sided wintergreen maple leaf with velvet erineum galls three-tooth mitrewort slender cryptantha
Columbia tiger lily Cascade rock-cress small-flowered penstemon Mount Rainier smooth mountain dandelion (alpine lake agoseris)
showy Jacob's-ladder Cusick's speedwell western toad Lyall's rock-cress south end of Nelson Ridge & Goat Rocks
magenta paintbrush ball-head waterleaf glacier lily lance-leaf spring beauty bracted lousewort & magenta paintbrush
Mount Rainier & Bumping Lake blue-leaf cinquefoil golden fleabane empty seed capsules of lousewort bracted lousewort
Tweedy's ivesia Nelson Ridge wallflower & phlox Hooker's mountain-avens Drummond's anemones
Tweedy's ivesia cushion buckwheat, budding alpine sandwort/stitchwort Mount Aix talus collomia
Nelson Butte North Fork Rattlesnake Creek Valley cushion buckwheat cut-leaf fleabane Nelson RIdge & North Fork Rattlesnake Creek Valley
Nuttall's sandwort spreading phlox silky phacelia summit trail cut-leaf fleabane
tufted saxifrage elegant Jacob's-ladder Fifes Peaks Olympic draba Bismarck Peak & Goat Rocks
Mt. Aix summit panorama Mount Rainier, hiding behind clouds Mount Stuart elegant Jacob's-ladder snowfield
yellow mountain heather Elizabeth rugged cliffs on Mt. Aix's east ridge silky phacelia dwarf lupine
talus collomia Mount Aix's summit Nelson Ridge Bismarck Peak & the south end of Nelson Ridge Mount Aix
spotted saxifrage Mount Aix Mount Aix Bismarck Peak & Hindoo Creek Valley golden fleabane
Nelson Butte & North Fork Rattlesnake Creek Valley partridgefoot, budding white rock-cress alpine buckwheat grouse whortleberry flowers
pink mountain heather hairy arnica vannila-leaf seeds Cascade penstemon mitrewort seeds
white hawkweed sticky cinquefoil bush penstemon green-flowered pyrola sickle-top lousewort
Mount Rainier, Governors Ridge, & Tipsoo Lake western pasqueflowers & Yakima Peak pasqueflowers & glacier lilies avalanche lilies Governors Ridge

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