Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 2, 2008: Alder Springs, Oregon

sand lily & blue-eyed mary sand lily sand lily dagger pod phlox
sand lily gold stars gold stars bulbiferous woodland star filaree
desert madwort white plectritis white plectritis juniper berries fiddleneck
Black Butte wax currant small onion flowers small onion flowers sand lily
wax currant Whychus Creek Canyon Whychus Creek Canyon Whychus Creek Canyon desert parsley
Whychus Creek Whychus Creek Whychus Creek Canyon freshwater spring insect galls on sagebrush
freshwater spring larkspur Whychus Creek Canyon tansy mustard (?) Whychus Creek Canyon
red osier dogwood red osier dogwood thicket teasel teasel & red osier dogwood Columbia puccoon
bitterbrush Oregon grape balsamroot spring gushing out of the bank of Whychus Creek insect gall on big sagebrush
big sagebrush trail through balsamroot fiddleneck bitterbrush balsamroot
rimrock at the mouth of Whychus Creek rimrock at the mouth of Whychus Creek cluster lily castle-shaped rimrock Deschutes River
Deschutes River whitewater in the Deschutes River whitewater in the Deschutes River prairie star serviceberry blossoms
serviceberry blossoms horsetail arrowleaf balsamroot last year's horsetail some kind of willow
burnt-out pine tree burnt-out pine tree cliffs & colorful shrubs lichen-covered cliffs silverleaf phacelia
blazing-star/stick-leaf larkspur didactic panel about Alder Springs dry falls Whychus Creek Canyon panorama
popcorn flower Juniper Butte, Haystack Butte, & Gray Butte black-tailed deer black-tailed deer Gray Butte

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