Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 8, 2018: Lacamas Creek Park, Camas, Washington

creeping buttercup unripe salmonberry salmonberry flower vine maple flowers woodfern
thimbleberry flowers Pacific starflower Lower Falls common chickweed river horsetails
river horsetails small-flowered nemophila poison-oak with FIVE leaflets wild rose wild strawberry flower
feathery false solomon's-seal salal small-flowered alumroot false lily-of-the-valley great camas
rosy plectritis common vetch nine-leaf desert parsley small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Oregon saxifrage
camas & rosy plectritis Oregon iris monkeyflower & rosy plectritis Pothole Falls vanilla-leaf
holly flowers Columbia windflower Sierra pea-vine camas big-leaf lupine
starry false solomon's-seal waterleaf mossy trees redwood sorrel wild ginger flower
yellow-spotted millipede ground-ivy (creeping charlie) candyflower large-leaf avens Lacamas Creek
Hooker's fairy-bells maiden-hair fern piggyback plant

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