Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 19, 2006: Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

April 19, 2006. Some wind at the trailhead, but mercifully calm up top.
Poison oak Wild strawberry Western trillium, faded Fairy slipper Lizard
Top of Dog Mountain, as seen from 1600' elevation Western buttercup Western buttercup Western buttercups & Mt. Defiance Ball-head waterleaf
Prairie star Fairy slipper Dutchman's breeches Dutchman's breeches Slender toothwort
Spring beauty Spring beauty Gold stars, whitlow-grass, and other wildflowers Gold stars The trail near the summit
Mount St. Helens (40 miles away) Mount Hood (23 miles away) Mount Adams (35 miles away) Wind Mountain Helicopter
Spring beauty, whitlow-grass, and distant mountains Columbia kittentails & spring beauty Spring beauty Gold stars Distant mountains & the west side of Dog Mountain
Lookout Mountain (20 miles away) Yellow bells Western trillium Roundleaf violet Roundleaf violet & moss
Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary Prairie stars & Wind Mountain Prairie stars & Wind Mountain Great hound's tongue
Paintbrush Fern unfurling Cascade Oregon grape Checker lily Dog Mountain Panorama

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