Adam Schneider's
digital photos

March 23, 2014: Lower Deschutes River, Oregon

Apocalypse Needles Deschutes River white plectritis long-leaf phlox balsamroot
gold stars prairie stars Bingen lupines, budding pungent desert parsley MacKenzie's willow
willow flowers power lines Ferry Springs desert shooting star yellow bells
moss fruiting bodies teeny tiny mushroom saxifrage desert shooting star low pussytoes
Cusick's shooting star Deschutes River & the Columbia Hills Pacific popcorn-flower balsamroot long-leaf phlox
sagebrush leaf galls tansy-mustard Deschutes River balsamroot & a rock arch pungent desert parsley
woolly-pod milkvetch Columbia puccoon little western bitter-cress wavy-leaf thistle cherry blossoms
stream gauge Northern Pacific rattlesnake sagebrush & Columbia Hills

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