Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 7-8, 2015: Paradise & Summerland, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

The first 12 photos are from late afternoon and early evening south side of Mt. Rainier (Bench Lake, Snow Lake, Reflection Lakes); the next 28 are from Paradise later that evening. The following day I hiked up the Wonderland Trail along Fryingpan Creek to Summerland and Panhandle Gap (60 photos), then briefly stopped by Chinook Pass and Tipsoo Lake (8 photos).

Here's a map of all three hikes.

elephant-head lousewort, gone to seed white rhododendron Bench Lake & Stevens Ridge Unicorn Peak & Snow Lake spirea
Tiling's monkeyflower brook saxifrage cotton-grass chute leading to Unicorn Peak stink currant fruits
explorer's gentian Gray's lovage Cascade asters wildflowers wildflowers
Tatoosh Range & Mt. Adams partridgefoot alpine aster hoary marmot Mount Rainier
wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range wildflowers coiled-beak lousewort & Wilson Glacier Falls lupines marmot eating lupines
magenta paintbrush & pink mountain heather wildflowers wildflowers very hairy lupines magenta paintbrush
magenta paintbrush pale pink paintbrush wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range white lupines magenta paintbrush
Stevens Peak at sunset wildflowers & Mount Rainier wildflowers subalpine daisies Mount Rainier at sunset
fireweed Mount Rainier from the east twinflower thimbleberry flowers yellow willow-herb
huckleberries peaks north of Sarvant Glaciers tall bluebells western rattlesnake-plantain Fryingpan Creek
female Boisduval's blue butterfly Little Tahoma & Mount Rainier arctic fritillary butterfly weird leaves of white mountain heather wildflowers
dwarf bramble Little Tahoma & Mount Rainier wildflowers lupines & Mount Rainier Meany Crest
lousewort & Mount Rainier Lewis' monkeyflower monkeyflower & Goat Island Mountain Lewis' monkeyflower pink & yellow monkeyflower
leather-leaf saxifrage yellow coralbells Fryingpan Creek Tiling's monkeyflower woolly agoseris
alpine buckwheat meltwater pond white mountain heather magenta paintbrush Cusick's speedwell
moss, rocks, & Goat Island Mountain bright green moss LIttle Tahoma, Meany Crest, & Mount Rainier golden fleabane dwarf lupines
alpine asters Ohanapecosh Park Panhandle Gap & Mount Rainier upper Ohanapecosh Valley Panhandle Gap panorama
willow-herb alpine speedwell heart-leaf arnica pink mountain heather pussy-paws
Panhandle Gap monkeyflowers, sedges, & rushes wildflowers Lewis' monkeyflower & coltsfoot seeds pink & yellow monkeyflower
pink & yellow monkeyflower Lewis' monkeyflower & Goat Island Mountain monkeyflower-filled stream coiled-beak lousewort lupines
fireweed by Fryingpan Creek pipsissewa Rainier Fork American River wildflowers & Naches Peak floating bur-reed
Cascade frog tadpoles corn lily Yakima Peak & Tipsoo Lake arrow-leaf groundsel western pasqueflower

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