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May 30, 2018: Surveyor's Ridge & Lookout Mountain, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

There are a lot of photos in this album because I visited a lot of places: Surveyor's Ridge and Bald Butte on the east side of Hood River Valley; Long Prairie, along Forest Road 17; High Prairie and Lookout Mountain (which was still mostly covered in snow); and Forest Road 1720, which becomes Three Mile Road and heads northeast into The Dalles.
lupines & Mount Hood serviceberries lupines white western groundsel heart-leaf arnica, wilting
harsh paintbrush Mount Hood & paintbrush nodding microseris (silver-puffs) old-stem idahoa (scale-pod) seeds Mt. Hood & balsamroot
lupines nine-leaf desert parsley sulphur-flower buckwheat slender hawksbeard, budding bastard toad-flax
thread-leaf phacelia Mount Hood & Hood River Valley Bald Butte prairie stars western sweet-cicely
bare-stem desert parsley thyme-leaved speedwell silver-crown luina ball-head waterleaf California jacob's-ladder
big-leaf lupine Nevada cinquefoil small-flowered buttercup Fendler's waterleaf silver-crown luina
red-flowered currant leafy pea-vine turkey vulture & Mt. Hood Mt. Hood & balsamroot balsamroot
Columbia desert parsley thread-leaf phacelia antelope bitter-brush feathery false Solomon's-seal scarlet gilia
pink Oregon anemone blue Oregon anemone blue stickseed white marsh-marigolds kinnickinnick (bearberry) flowers
Mount Hood Mount Hood Oregon box-leaf (boxwood) shrubby penstemon, budding last year's rainiera
rainiera shoots hoodoo alpine alumroot hairy arnica, budding spreading phlox
south edge of Lookout Mountain snow near the summit southeast ridge of Lookout Mountain Columbia Gorge rock-cress little-leaf rock-cress
snow on the trail grouse whortleberry leaf buds Hartweg's buttercups fan-leaf cinquefoil grouse whortleberry flowers
tall mountain shooting star white marsh-marigolds sticky currant flowers glaucous penstemon, budding least tarweed
Lanszwert's pea-vine racemose pussy-toes, budding racemose pussy-toes paintbrush rosy pussy-toes
sticky cinquefoil blue pea-vine flowers pale blue larkspur lupines lupines
lupines & balsamroot wild rose balsamroot bi-colored cluster lily hillside full of deer brush

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