Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 1, 2016: Munra Point, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

western meadow-rue, female flowers bleeding hearts western meadow-rue, male flowers salmonberry flower trillium
fringe-cup larkspur small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Columbia River gold stars
grass-widow oaks toothwort glacier lilies calypso orchid grass-widows & gold stars
kinnikinnick flowers glacier lilies Munra Point's southern ridge grass-widows & glacier lilies grass-widows & glacier lilies
glacier lilies Cascade desert parsley hikers at Munra Point pale montia Columbia kittentails
western saxifrage grass-widows & Mt. Adams glacier lilies Bonneville Dam & Mt. Adams grass-widows
Munra Point looking up toward Munra Point gold stars & Oregon-grape leaves prairie star rush flowers
chocolate lily bleeding hearts red-flowering currant honesty (money plant) redwood sorrel

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