Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 12, 2016: Cook Hill, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

Cook Hill is Dog Mountain's taller but less-sexy neighbor. Here's a map.
fork-tooth ookow fork-tooth ookow poison-oak oak meadow hound's-tongue seeds
phantom orchids Columbia windflower spotted coralroot lupine nine-leaf desert parsley
cow-parsnip phantom orchids balsamroot balsamroot balsamroot & white western groundsel
lupine & balsamroot lupine & balsamroot death-camas manroot flowers western starflower
Pacific mole the trail starry false solomon's-seal vanilla-leaf miner's lettuce
fringe cup larkspur western tiger swallowtail butterfly on larkspur larkspur & buttercups larkspur
chocolate lily balsamroot small-flowered blue-eyed-mary showy phlox rock penny-cress & buttercups
balsamroot Mt. Hood & balsamroot showy phlox paintbrush & showy phlox Mt. Defiance & Dog Mountain
Mt. Hood, Mt. Defiance, & balsamroot click beetle on white western groundsel Mt. Adams fine-tooth penstemon red-flowered currant
Pacific dogwood arnica snail shell small-flowered nemophila wild ginger flower
wild ginger flower columbine, budding inside-out flower fine-tooth penstemon stonecrop
orange honeysuckle talus pea flowers spotted coralroot phantom orchid
fork-tooth ookow common monkeyflower ookow, buckwheat, & vetch heart-leaf buckwheat & winter vetch taper-tip onion

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