Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 4, 2005: Cathedral Ridge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Pixie cup lichen Looking back at the trailhead Pipsissewa amongst bunchberries Not-quite-ripe huckleberries coralroot
Mount Hood Lewis' monkeyflower & arrowleaf groundsel Monkeyflower, reflected Lewis' monkeyflower & yellow monkeyflower Creekside wildflowers
Lupine & paintbrush Backlit paintbrush Fleabane & paintbrush Meadow & Mount Hood Cow parsnip & other wildflowers
Mount Hood & meadow full of lupine Barrett Spur & north face of Mount Hood Mossy meadow Fleabane Water-loving wildflowers
Violet leaves, reflected East fork of Ladd Creek Partridgefoot Paintbrush & partridgefoot A small pond
Tadpole Eden Park from above Various wildflowers Various wildflowers Various wildflowers
Wildflowers & bleached logs Western pasqueflower Pinesap Close-up of Mount Hood Cascade Oregon grape
Fireweed Pearly everlasting Ladd Creek Valley West face of Mount Hood West face of Mount Hood

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