Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 5, 2007: Tom McCall Preserve, Oregon

rabbit bigleaf maple flowers pungent desert parsley larkspur midget phlox
western saxifrage arrowleaf balsamroot small-flowered blue-eyed Mary & midget phlox bridges west of Lyle, WA Columbia desert parsley
eastern Columbia River Gorge old fence posts small-flowered fiddleneck spinster's blue-eyed Mary spinster's blue-eyed Mary
western saxifrage prairie star gold stars view across the Columbia to Lyle, WA western saxifrage
Pacific popcorn flower western buttercups poison oak rusty popcorn flower poet's shooting star & pungent desert parsley
Rowena Dell budding lupines Old Columbia River Highway poet's shooting star arrowleaf balsamroot
glacier lily bright orange lichen on a tree Columbia desert parsley along the trail ball-head waterleaf yellow bells
paintbrush & western buttercup glacier lilies budding chocolate lily (?) grass widows & bulbiferous prairie star spring beauties
spring beauties yellow bells & poet's shooting stars Mount Adams & the Columbia River Gorge Western fence lizard small-flowered blue-eyed Mary
bulbiferous prairie stars oaks toothwort glacier lilies glacier lily two ravens
larkspur flowers & balsamroot leaves Rowena Plateau alligator lizard oak gall Pacific tree frog

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