Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 9, 2006: Bald Mountain/McNeil Point

A lot of the snow hadn't melted off the trail yet, but it was very easy going nonetheless.
bead lilies & bunchberry rhododendrons huckleberries bead lily among beargrass leaves self-heal
wildflowers wildflowers heart-leaf buckwheat & Mount Hood Mount Hood panorama rock penstemon
Cascades penstemon Mount Hood silvery blue on lupine leaves Nootka rose Washington lily
checkerspot butterfly on cow parsnip Pacific fritillary on blue-headed gilia checkerspot butterfly orange honeysuckle wildflowers
vine maple seeds rhododendron close-up western coralroot white rhododendron (Cascade azalea) Columbia tiger lily
subalpine mariposa lily Columbia tiger lily beargrass beargrass and a noble fir subalpine spiraea
avalanche lilies avalanche lily avalanche lilies sprouting through snow checkerspot butterfly on fading avalanche lilies McNeil Point "scramble trail" junction
California tortoiseshell butterfly avalanche lily marsh-marigolds & tall mountain shooting star Sitka mountain ash corn lily leaves & wildflowers
tall mountain shooting star & false hellbore leaves Mount Hood reflected in a tarn Mount Hood snow covering a stream Ladd Creek covered in snow
snowy meadows Mount Hood & lupines small-flowered penstemon lupines & Mount Hood Sitka valerian & pink mountain heather
Sitka valerian & pink mountain heather above Ladd Creek paintbrush, lupine, & snowfields showy Jacob's ladder paintbrush & snowfields alpine wildflower meadow
Mount Adams & a wildflower-covered slope trail across a snowfield view to the northwest wildflowers pink & white mountain heather
rocks, snow, heather, & paintbrush pink mountain heather, white heather, & paintbrush alpine meadow & a snowfield pink mountain heather, white heather, & paintbrush pink mountain heather & paintbrush
white heather & paintbrush pink mountain heather, white heather, & paintbrush white heather alpine wildflower meadow waterfalls on the north side of Yocum Ridge
golden-mantled ground squirrel Mount Hood & pasqueflowers alpine sandwort Barrett Spur & glacial moraines paintbrush and partridgefoot near a snowfield
Mount Hood summit of Mount Hood Yocum Ridge small glacier above Sandy Glacier looking down toward the shelter
steep alpine meadows Cathedral Ridge western bistort & alpine hawkweed McNeil Point stone shelter Mount Adams, western pasqueflower, & paintbrush
western pasqueflower, Sitka valerian, & lupine Clodius parnassian butterfly western pasqueflower fan-leaf cinquefoil surrounded by pasqueflower leaves avalanche lilies
waterfalls at the head of Muddy Fork McNeil Point Mount Hood blue-headed gilia Mount Hood
scarlet columbine wildflowers McNeil Point & Cathedral Ridge Mount Hood Moonrise

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