Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 10, 2018: Ochoco Mountains, Oregon

Just passing through on my way to the Strawberry Mountains...
showy fleabane California corn lily California corn lily bushy blazing-star, budding sticky geranium
Oregon catchfly subalpine fleabane pink lupines blue stickseed (Jessica sticktight) false sunflower
Crooked River & pine trees tansy-leaf evening-primrose Bach's calico-flower white brodiaea (wild hyacinth) meadow arnica
Oregon checker-mallow Roezl's penstemon woolly mock goldenweed meadow larkspur Oregon checker-mallow & meadow larkspur
Oregon checker-mallow northern bedstraw dense-flower willow-herb dense-flower willow-herb meadow larkspur
California hairstreak butterflies on buckwheat velvet lupine scabland fleabane taper-tip onion flowers prairie smoke
silverweed cinquefoil leafy-bract aster long-spurred bog orchid Philadelphia fleabane Oregon checker-mallow
showy penstemon ball-head sandwort taper-tip onion flowers dagger-pod seed pods worm-leaf stonecrop, going to seed
onions & cows Sheep Rock sagebrush & cliffs Blue Basin Blue Basin
Blue Basin Blue Basin Blue Basin Pacific gopher snake unknown fleabane

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