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July 26, 2005: Burnt Lake, Oregon

July 26, 2005: This hike climbs gradually through an evergreen forest to Burnt Lake, then steeply up a hillside to the top of East Zigzag Mountain. Honestly, with the exception of the last mile to the top, it was a little bit boring; if you're going to drive all the way to Mt. Hood to hike 9.5 miles, I'd recommend hiking on Mt. Hood. Plus, the flies were unbelievably annoying.

Twinflower wild blueberries foamflower ripe salmonberry Devil's club
Small waterfall white-vein pyrola Pearly everlasting yellow monkeyflower & willow-herb Frog
pink wintergreen Mount Hood & Burnt Lake White rhododendron (Cascade azalea) Explorer's gentian Path to the top of East Zigzag
paintbrush Mount Hood White rhododendron (Cascade azalea) colorful fungus Woodland penstemon (turtlehead)
huckleberries Mount Hood & Burnt Lake yellow pond lily hardhack devil's club leaf

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