Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 6-8, 2017: Central Oregon

I visited Smith Rock State Park, Lookout Mountain and Big Summit Prairie in Ochoco National Forest, and White River Falls.
The Marsupials & clouds tuff pinnacles Smith Rock, Shiprock, & the Crooked River The Asterisk Shiprock & the Crooked River
damned yellow composite Monkey Face Crooked River & rock formations Crooked River & rock formations bluish rocks
Shiprock & the Crooked River Smith Rock group snow trail through sagebrush west rim of Lookout Mountain
west rim of Lookout Mountain hazy view to the west mayflies mayflies Big Summit Prairie
Crooked River & pine trees bird's nest Big Summit Prairie Stein's Pillar Tygh Ridge
Deschutes River Valley rainbow at White River Falls White River Falls White River Falls & Celestial Falls Celestial Falls
Celestial Falls White River Falls & Celestial Falls [bracket] White River Falls & Celestial Falls White River Falls & Celestial Falls butte in Devil's Halfacre
White River Falls Tygh Valley sunset clouds panorama Milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly Geyer's onion, budding
Geyer's onion flowers Tolmie's onion Tolmie's onion Tolmie's onion, budding tall pussy-toes (pearly pussytoes)
pussy-toes hemp dogbane heart-leaf arnica twin arnica (foothills arnica) basalt milk-vetch
balloon-pod milk-vetch arrow-leaf balsamroot arrow-leaf balsamroot balsamroot & sagebrush balsamroot & sagebrush
western bistort bistort, camas, groundsel, etc. hairy-stem rock-cress camas, bistort, etc. camas, marsh butterweed, etc.
camas wavy-leaf paintbrush wavy-leaf paintbrush wavy-leaf paintbrush paintbrush & mule's-ears
pale paintbrush pale paintbrush & big-head clover paintbrush & mule's-ears orange paintbrush (which?) broad-leaf spring beauty
narrow-leaf collomia narrow-leaf collomia poison hemlock gray hawksbeard larkspur
shooting stars cinquefoil King's sandwort scabland fleabane Eaton's daisy
thread-leaf fleabane desert yellow daisy desert yellow daisy cushion fleabane parsnip-flower buckwheat
rock buckwheat Oregon sunshine Oregon sunshine yellow bells sticky purple geranium
prairie smoke prairie smoke American licorice Jessica's stickseed dwarf hesperochiron
dwarf hesperochiron ball-head waterleaf western blue flag iris western blue flag iris few-flowered pea-vine
prairie stars & larkspur leaves Gorman's desert parsley slender-fruit desert parsley Piper's desert parsley Piper's desert parsley
nine-leaf desert parsley seeds velvet lupine silky lupine lupines lupines
purple/pink bluebells white bluebells Oregon saxifrage alpine penny-cress western sweet-cicely
woolly groundsel Brown's peony, budding Brown's peony white pelicans hot-rock penstemon
Gairdner's penstemon Gairdner's penstemon cut-leaf penstemon Roezl's penstemon Rydberg's penstemon
Rydberg's penstemon showy penstemon showy penstemon branched phacelia phacelia
Lewis' mock-orange dagger-pod crescent butterfly Oreas comma butterfly fan-leaf cinquefoil
fan-leaf cinquefoil rough-fruit fairy bells sagebrush buttercup sticky currant northern sanicle (western snake-root)
narrow-leaf skull-cap lance-leaf stonecrop leaves Leiberg's stonecrop water groundsel (alkali marsh butterweed) lamb's-tongue groundsel, budding
lamb's-tongue groundsel Oregon checker-mallow long-stalk starwort thelypody showy townsendia
Douglas' brodiaea Douglas' brodiaea tobacco-root (edible valerian) SItka valerian, budding California corn lilies
California corn lilies American vetch upland yellow violets goose-foot violet yellow mule's-ears
yellow mule's-ears hybrid mule's-ears hybrid mule's-ears white mule's-ears various colors of mule's-ears

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