Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 17, 2018: Angora Peak, Clatsop County, Oregon

false lily-of-the-valley, budding salal Angora Peak, half-hidden by clouds giant horsetails Smith's fairy-bells
Castle Rock harsh paintbrush red elderberry flowers angled bitter-cress fringe-cups
Mertens' saxifrage trail into the clouds Scouler's valerian Eschscholtz's hairy rock-cress Chambers' paintbrush
bleeding hearts Chambers' paintbrush Sitka alder (green alder), male catkins Sitka alder (green alder), female cones Cardwell's penstemon, budding
pink fawn lily Coast Range desert parsley spreading phlox Oregon-grape flowers cow parsnip, just getting started
very wet chickweed Oregon stonecrop (with last year's flowers) eroded hillside evergreen violet pink fawn lily
pioneer violets American rock-brake fern Revenge of Angora off-trail terrain east side of Angora Peak
Coast Range desert parsley Saddle Mountain bittercress kinnickinnick (bearberry) flowers spreading phlox spreading phlox
northwestern saxifrage Revenge of Angora through the mist wildflowers & mist serviceberry flowers redwood sorrel
salmonberry flowers Chambers' paintbrush prickly currant wild ginger redwood sorrel
Sitka spruce western trillium salmonberry flowers huckleberry flower prickly currant
extra-fiddly fiddlehead fallen huckleberry flowers tiger lily, just starting to bud harsh paintbrush wild blackberry flowers
pink fawn lily pink fawn lily paintbrush & phlox maiden-hair fern salmonberry jungle
yellow monkeyflower Nuttall's saxifrage ragwort, budding giant horsetails salal-covered stump

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