Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 15, 2015: Middle Sister, Oregon

fireweed lupine North Sister through burnt trees wire-lettuce seeds wire-lettuce
fireweed Middle Sister & Prouty Point paintbrush hairy paintbrush alpine buckwheat
Broken Top & South Sister pinnacles on North Sister dust cloud from rockfall on Middle Sister buckwheat dwarf alpine-gold
some sort of aster dwarf mountain groundsel Lewis' monkeyflower Middle Sister, Prouty Point, & Hayden Glacier Middle Sister & Hayden Glacier
glacial crevasses Middle Sister & crevasses glacial crevasse north side of Hayden Glacier crevasses on the north side of Hayden Glacier
snowfields & Broken Top Adam & volcanic rubble Davidson's penstemon North Sister & snowfields summit of North Sister
Adam on a snowfield volcanoes to the north North Sister Adam on another snowfield Middle Sister's north face
Renfrew Glacier Prouty Point Middle Sister's north ridge Middle Sister & a weird hoodoo North Sister & the climbing route
South Sister & Broken Top Camp Lake, Chambers Lakes, & Carver Lake the summit, North Sister, & distant volcanoes Hayden Glacier Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, & Mt. Adams
elegant Jacob's-ladder North Sister South Sister & Broken Top Middle Sister's southeast ridge Mt. Lassen draba (golden draba)
dwarf alpine-gold southeast ridge & the summit east face & North Sister crevasses on Diller Glacier pussypaws & marum-leaf buckwheat
partridgefoot western pasqueflower seed-heads top of Diller Glacier South Sister Tolmie's saxifrage
Middle Sister from the southeast Camp Lake little elephant's-head lousewort streams little elephant's-head lousewort
South Sister & Camp Lake Broken Top rabbit-brush goldenweed trail through fire damage Wright's cudweed (slender cudweed)

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