Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 9, 2018: Rowena Plateau & Rowena Dell, Oregon

Rowena Dell & Rowena Plateau bee on American winter-cress meadow nemophila Columbia desert parsley poet's shooting stars
Columbia desert parsley northwestern saxifrage Columbia desert parsley larkspur & gold stars larkspur & desert parsley leaves
serviceberry blossoms grass widow small-flowered tonella white plectritis poison-oak leaves
poet's shooting stars Mertens' saxifrage fringe-pod flowers Oregon meconella (white fairy-poppy) cup lichen
glacier lilies field mustard midget phlox meadow nemophila manroot
balsamroot pungent desert parsley fiddleneck popcorn flower few-flowered blue-eyed-Mary
Rowena Dell false agoseris gold stars & Columbia desert parsley Oregon ash flowers poet's shooting star
small-flowered lupine monkeyflower line-leaf montia poet's shooting stars naked broomrape
narrow-leaf owl's-clover narrow-leaf owl's-clover last year's phacelia stalks edge of Rowena Plateau prairie star
small-flowered lupine & fiddleneck miner's lettuce small-flowered lupine small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary small-flowered lupine
nine-leaf desert parsley balsamroot & pungent desert parsley vetch Rowena Creek small-flowered willow-herb
northern Pacific rattlesnake big-leaf maple flowers balsamroot gold stars, going to seed naked broomrape
long-spurred plectritis Rowena Dell vernal pool buttercups rusty popcorn flower

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