Adam Schneider's
digital photos

September 3, 2006: Langille Crags, Mt. Hood, Oregon

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oddly curved pine trees Mount Hood Cooper Spur Mount Hood & Eliot Glacier Lewis' monkeyflower
Eliot Creek sulphur flower Cloud Cap Inn moraine below Cooper Spur Mount Hood & Eliot Glacier
dust clouds Sitka mountain ash leaves Mount Hood & Langille Crags Mount Hood & fractured igneous rock Eliot Glacier
valley between Langille Crags & Eliot Glacier view to the northwest California tortoiseshell butterfly Barrett Spur east face of Barrett Spur
dwarf lupine, fading west side of Langille Crags view from near the highest point of the hike raven tracks my tracks
summit of Mount Hood fractured dacite Adam rescue practice on Eliot Glacier looking down on Langille Crags & Eliot Glacier
Mount Hood & Eliot Glacier faded heather flowers blood-red lichen partridgefoot leaves Cooper Spur & Eliot Glacier
Langille Crags Langille Crags Mount Hood & Eliot Glacier crag that blocks the trail pearly everlasting & Cascade asters
partridgefoot leaves fireweed Eliot Glacier's eastern lateral moraine Eliot Creek & Mount Hood western goldenrod

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