Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 28-30, 2016: North Umpqua River, Oregon

woodland phlox North Umpqua River yerba de selva (modesty) trailing blackberry Columbia tiger lily
bead lilies black bee on broad-leaf stonecrop Toketee Falls Toketee Falls Toketee Falls
argyle tree Toketee Falls musk monkeyflower stream-bank arnica yellow monkeyflower
black-cap raspberry flowers columnar basalt Toketee Falls yellow-leaf irises varied-leaf collomia
pipsissewa, budding tiny waterfall cliff penstemon slot canyon leafy pea-vine
orange honeysuckle leaky wooden penstock yerba de selva (modesty) woodland phlox bee-fly on yellow-leaf iris
dusky horkelia mountain white-thorn yellow-leaf irises California stickseed Watson Falls
saxifrage Sitka mist-maiden Watson Creek American dipper (water ouzel) Pacific rhododendron
large-flowered blue-eyed-mary travertine formations little buttercup salmonfly narrow trail through basalt walls
Fall Creek Falls piggyback plant Fall Creek Falls salal flowers yellow-leaf iris
fork-toothed ookow broad-leaf stonecrop twinflower pink honeysuckle red huckleberries
woodland madia Oregon geranium forest scurf-pea (California tea) ocean spray woodland madia
Susan Creek Falls Pacific fritillary butterfly on stonecrop checker-bloom flower fly & tomcat clover camas seed-pods
cedar hairstreak butterfly on white brodiaea rosy plectritis, white brodiaea, & American wild carrot Tolmie's mariposa lily checker-bloom leafy fleabane
North Umpqua River leafy fleabane grappletail dragonfly caddisfly larva mayfly nymph

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