Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 7, 2016: Grassy Knoll, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington

blue-head gilia trailhead meadow flower fly on Lindley's clarkia blue-head gilia small-flowered deer-vetch
taper-tip onion & blue-head gilia hairy hawkweed leafy pea vanilla-leaf, going to seed longhorn flower beetle
feathery false solomon's-seal broad-leaf arnica bald-hip rose dwarf bramble beetles on beargrass
bastard toad-flax Little Huckleberry Mountain & Mt. Adams cliff penstemon alpine alumroot alpine alumroot
subalpine mariposa lily red sand-spurry fine-tooth penstemon Oregon catchfly taper-tip onions
fringe cup nine-leaf desert parsley spreading phlox subalpine mariposa lilies Cascade penstemon
scalloped onion (Olympic onion) sticky cinquefoil varied-leaf phacelia Sierra pea-vine white western groundsel
common cryptantha blue-head gilia, budding two bees on a Nootka rose cut-leaf silverpuffs pale tiger swallowtail butterfly on blue-head gilia
heart-leaf buckwheat & blue-head gilia coronis fritillary butterfly on blue-head gilia bumblebee on blue-head gilia heart-leaf buckwheat & blue-head gilia Grassy Knoll
wildflowers Mt. Hood & wildflowers goldenrod crab spider on bead lily larkspur beargrass
summit wildflowers sulphur-flower buckwheat Grassy Knoll's south ridge & Mt. Hood lupines & gilia balsamroot
heart-leaf buckwheat & blue-head gilia Grassy Knoll blue-head gilia Grassy Knoll's southwest face broad-leaf stonecrop
Grassy Knoll Grassy Knoll's south ridge & Mt. Hood compact phacelia heart-leaf buckwheat & blue-head gilia paintbrush & buckwheat
Oregon sunshine, rayless/discoid fine-tooth penstemon seeds cicada exuvia Oregon sunshine Grassy Knoll
Lindley's clarkia Lindley's clarkia common tarweed nodding arnica variable-leaf collomia
crimson columbine trailing snowberry heart-leaf buckwheat harsh paintbrush, yellow form wild strawberries

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