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August 14, 2013: Lake Ingalls, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

This was way up in the middle of Washington. Here's a map. And I posted a full trip report (with fewer photos, but more words) on
Esmeralda Peaks mountain goat warning sign blackcap raspberries scarlet gilia monkshood
Esmeralda Basin scarlet gilia buckwheat flowers Oregon sunshine Drummond's anemone seed-heads
Parry's catchfly western maidenhair fern Shasta ferns & maidenhair ferns white-veined wintergreen Thompson's pincushion
stonecrop Wenatchee indian paintbrush Mount Stuart ridge between Longs Pass & Ingalls Pass Tweedy's ivesia
cut-leaf fleabane serpentine? distant mountains to the west-northwest Nuttall's sandwort (and a flower-fly) path down the north side of Longs Pass
lots of winged ants on Peak 6878 Headlight Basin & Ingalls Peak shrubby cinquefoil fun descent dwarf mountain groundsel
Wenatchee spring-beauty alpine yellow fleabane big fuzzy mushroom explorer's gentian grouse whortleberry
grass, water, mud, & rocks mountain goats alpine avens (?) mountain goats Mount Stuart & Headlight Basin
mountain goats elephant's-head lousewort Cusick's speedwell orange agoseris goldenrod
penstemon harebells corn lily corn lily Peak 6878 & Headlight Basin
silky lupine (?) Wenatchee spring-beauty Lake Ingalls & Mt. Stuart Lake Ingalls & Ingalls Peak vein of gray rock among the reddish rock
Wenatchee spring-beauty alpine speedwell spreading phlox Lake Ingalls & Mt. Stuart subalpine lupine
coiled-beak lousewort pika view to the northwest Mount Stuart waterfall on Ingalls Creek
Cascade catchfly Columbia lewisia Ingalls Creek brook saxifrage source of Ingalls Creek
Mt. Stuart and (almost) blue sky Lake Ingalls lupines lupines lupines
bumblebee on lupines wildflowers & Ingalls Peak lupines Lake Ingalls lakeside ridge & Mount Stuart
Mount Stuart & Lake Ingalls scarlet columbine elephant's-head lousewort, gone to seed fringed grass-of-parnassus yellow coralbells
hoary marmot explorer's gentian fringed grass-of-parnassus alpine willow-herb wildflowers
colorful grass flowers Mount Stuart & Ingalls Creek Valley rocks below Headlight Basin Tolmie's saxifrage Shasta ferns
edible thistle sharp-tooth angelica leafy-bract aster Wenatchee indian paintbrush bovine roadblock

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