Adam Schneider's
digital photos

March 18, 2010: Catherine Creek, Washington

yellow bells gold stars oak tree & gold stars oaks toothwort chickweed monkeyflower
Oregon white oak with acorn and nascent buds prairie stars white plectritis below the rock arch path up from the rock arch
next to the rock arch side of the rock arch spring Whitlow-grass false agoseris top of the rock arch
Mount Hood bitterroot leaves western saxifrage pungent desert parsley gold stars
grass widow poet's shooting star poet's shooting star poet's shooting star camas, budding
western buttercup popcorn flower northwestern saxifrage prairie stars great hound's tongue, budding
bald eagle (juvenile) Mount Hood upland larkspur, budding balsamroot balsamroot
oaks toothwort small-flowered blue-eyed Mary path through desert parsley midget phlox Pacific orange-tip butterfly on midget phlox
Columbia desert parlsey western buttercup yellow bells rock arch chocolate lily buds
grass widows near a vernal pool grass widows near a vernal pool bumblebee in a grass widow poet's shooting star small-flowered blue-eyed Mary & bitterroot leaves

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