Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 4, 2006: Bird Creek Meadows, Mt. Adams, Washington

Cascades penstemon aster & fir tree sulphur flower Carolina grasshopper pussypaws
female greenish blue (?) butterfly paintbrush & lupine A.G. Aiken Lava Bed pink mountain heather Mount Adams & Gotchen Glacier
snow on the trail lupine & paintbrush woodland penstemon (?) aster wildflowers
alpine lake agoseris (?) wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers towering lousewort
sickletop lousewort woolly pussytoes elephant's-head lousewort fan-leaf cinquefoil small waterfall
Crooked Creek stream through a meadow hydaspe fritillary on an aster sickletop lousewort towering lousewort
lupines, corn lily, & Sitka valerian Cascades frog dragonfly nymph & half-buried tadpole Cascades frog tadpoles
Gray's lovage fritillary butterfly on Sitka valerian rosy spirea a meandering stream from above Mount Adams
Little Mount Adams top of Hellroaring Canyon waterfalls Mount Adams panorama paintbrush
chipmunk Mount Adams & wildflowers wildflowers Mount Adams & wildflowers shooting star & cinquefoil
Clodius parnassian butterfly shooting star & cinquefoil some kind of willow alpine pond full of tadpoles marsh marigold seedpods
pink mountain heather Lewis' monkeyflower Crooked Creek pink mountain heather wildflowers
marsh marigold wildflowers small waterfall small waterfall wildflowers
wildflowers Drummond's rockcress Mount Hood A.G. Aiken Lava Bed phlox with two different flower shapes
Mount Adams Sleeping Beauty agoseris seedhead Mount Adams hardhack

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