Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 6, 2013: Mt. Hood Meadows & Newton Creek, Mt. Hood, Oregon

beargrass subalpine mariposa lilies lupine Hitchcock's wood-rush Hitchcock's wood-rush
showy jacob's-ladder western pasqueflowers moss/lichen on trees western pasqueflowers beargrass
black twinberry flowers fan-leaf cinquefoil paintbrush & cinquefoil tall bluebells wildflowers & Heather Creek
elephant's-head lousewort brook saxifrage tall mountain shooting star rusty saxifrage & lupines subalpine fleabane (wandering daisy)
Mount Hood Ilona kinnickinnick (a.k.a. bearberry, pine-mat manzanita) Boisduval's blue butterfly on Sitka mountain-ash sulphur-flower buckwheat, budding
Lewis's monkeyflower & lupines shrubby penstemon & Lewis's monkeyflower Mount Hood & Newton Creek Hoffman's checkerspot butterfly yellow monkeyflower & Lewis's monkeyflower
dwarf lupine Newton Creek crossing Lamberson Butte & Newton Creek Gnarl Ridge & Lamberson Butte Mount Hood
beargrass Oregon anemone Umbrella Falls pink mountain heather Suksdorf's paintbrush
Sitka valerian lupine Umbrella Falls goldenrod crab spider silvery blue butterfly on Sitka valerian

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