Adam Schneider's
digital photos

February 19-20, 2019: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California

snow on Hot Springs Mountain Borrego Valley & Salton Sea Culp Valley bristly fiddleneck Gander's cholla
Indianhead Mountain cryptantha ocotillo desert sand-verbena, budding desert lily
desert sand-verbena desert lily, budding California spectacle-pod desert sunflowers desert sand-verbena
dune evening primrose & sand-verbena desert sunflowers desert dandelion showy/snowy sunflower creosote bush
Arizona lupine pebble pincushion desert sunflowers painted lady butterfly on desert sunflowers Arizona lupine
sand-verbena & desert sunflowers Emory's rock-daisy distant phacelia whispering bells notch-leaved phacelia
narrow-leaved cryptantha California sun-cup Coyote Mountain and a wet wash laxflower (Colorado desert marigold) dune evening primrose & desert sunflowers
mud & mountains coyote tracks brown-eyed primrose Clark Valley & Toro Peak desert sand-verbena
silver cholla desert sand-verbena showy/snowy sunflower desert sand-verbena Santa Rosa Mountains
Arizona lupine ocotillo flowers ocotillo flowers brittlebush ocotillo
Thomas' buckwheat pygmy poppy Booth's sun-cup (woody bottle-washer) California barrel cactus diamond cholla
ghost flower California barrel cactus, budding notch-leaved phacelia beavertail prickly-pear cactus ghost flower
Parish's poppy notch-leaved phacelia desert lavender brittlebush common fish-hook cactus
wishbone bush, budding cryptantha & poppies Arizona lupine & Parish's poppy mouth of Rattlesnake Canyon white tack-stem
Arizona lupine California barrel cactus close-up Booth's sun-cup (woody bottle-washer) Emory's rock-daisy Jones' linanthus
Santa Rosa Mountains after sunset brown-eyed primrose after sunset ocotillo in the moonlight ocotillo in the moonlight lupine in moonlight
Coyote Mountain in the moonlight Bishop's lotus California sun-cup cholla desert chicory
little-flowered heliotrope phacelia desert holly (male flowers) mudstone canyon mudstone slot canyon mudstone slot canyon
mudstone canyon tilted rock layers ravens desert pussypaws leaves mudstone canyons
Gander's cholla desert chicory yellow brown-eyed primrose indigo bush (Schott's dalea) desert five-spot, budding
pygmy poppy indigo bush (Schott's dalea) desert dandelion Arizona lupine & cryptantha desert pincushion
desert chicory desert sunflowers desert sand-verbena ground beetle onyxflower (frost mat)
red admiral caterpillar Texas filaree white-lined sphinx moth caterpillar brown-eyed primrose & sand-verbena broad-leaf gilia
distant phacelia desert chicory desert five-spot (budding) & sand-verbena Arizona lupine desert lily
master blister beetles Emory's rock-daisy ghost flower yellow nightshade ground-cherry specter phacelia
desert tobacco brittlebush, budding yellow nightshade ground-cherry Mojave desert stars Mojave desert stars, budding
desert sunflowers dune evening primrose, brown-eyed primrose, & sand-verbena Salton milk-vetch desert plantain & Salton milk-vetch desert sunflowers
desert sunflowers desert sunflowers desert sunflowers laxflower (Colorado desert marigold) line-leaf white-puff
desert plantain desert wildflowers desert wildflowers notch-leaved phacelia desert wildflowers
Squaw Peak & desert wildflowers ocotillo & rain clouds strawberry hedgehog cactus desert agave snow on Granite Mountain
Vallecito Valley & Sawtooth Mountains dainty desert hide-seed California fan palms Gander's cholla & brown-eyed primrose Bigelow's monkeyflower
desert holly (female flowers) California fagonbush California fan palms Booth's sun-cup (woody bottle-washer) California fan palms
whispering bells desert holly (male flowers) California mustard notch-leaved phacelia & whispering bells cactus wren nest in a cholla
Mojave groundsel rainbow yellow comet (hydra blazing-star) California barrel cactus flowers desert mistletoe berries
pygmy stonecrop Carrizo Valley Southwest Grove California fan palms California fan palms & turkey vultures
Arizona lupine hairy blazing-star, budding Parish's poppy clouds over the Carrizo Valley California barrel cactus flowers
California ephedra ghost flower Mojave desert stars sunset clouds sunset clouds

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