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July 11, 2018: Strawberry Mountain, Malheur National Forest, Oregon

On my way to Utah, I stopped at Strawberry Mountain: a relatively unknown peak that stands 9,038' above sea level (and about 5,500' above the John Day River). Honestly, it wasn't as cool as I'd hoped it would be.
Strawberry Mountain false sunflower grand collomia sticky geranium narrow-leaf skullcap
Onion Creek Valley showy penstemon scarlet paintbrush agoseris bush penstemon
dwarf purple monkeyflower showy fleabane, budding showy fleabane trail through burned trees spreading ground-smoke
lance-leaf stonecrop Eaton's shaggy fleabane orange agoseris lupines paintbrush etc.
trail through sagebrush death-camas red besseya (red coraldrops), going to seed narrow-leaf collomia Oregon sunshine
pungent desert parsley sulphur penstemon wildflowers sulphur penstemon, budding arnica, budding
sandwort paintbrush arnica seven-spotted ladybug on pussy-toes Sitka valerian
Rocky Mountain goldenrod phlox Strawberry Mountain lance-leaf stonecrop Strawberry Mountains
dwarf purple monkeyflower blue flax wildflowers & Strawberry Mountain Piper's golden buckwheat & blue flax wildflowers & Strawberry Mountain
prairie smoke sticky paintbrush & phlox thick-leaf groundsel, budding grouse whortleberry flowers alpine mountain-sorrel
short-leaf cinquefoil on a rocky slope John Day Valley & Prairie City roseroot subalpine fleabane Piper's golden buckwheat, budding
cut-leaf fleabane, rayless/discoid form small-flowered penstemon California tortoiseshell butterflies view to the northeast Piper's golden buckwheat
Peak 8452, Indian Springs Butte, & Strawberry Basin the summit sulphur penstemon dead juniper cinquefoil
silky phacelia wildflowers wildflowers phlox wildflowers
Jacob's-ladder Peak 8452 snow buttercups purple rock-cress Strawberry Mountain
alpine collomia creeping sibbaldia elephant's-head lousewort elephant's-head lousewort subalpine fleabane
plaintain-leaf buttercup tall mountain shooting star brook saxifrage, budding Strawberry Mountain & wet meadows groundsel
Eaton's shaggy fleabane sticky paintbrush white bog orchid blue stickseed Rabbit Ears
Strawberry Basin Strawberry Lake twisted-stalk flowers five-stamen mitrewort Pacific swamp onion
cliffs above Little Strawberry Lake monkshood elephant's-head lousewort Little Strawberry Lake primrose monkeyflower
brook trout Little Strawberry Lake panorama white bog orchid, budding Strawberry Creek bottom of Strawberry Falls
Strawberry Falls Strawberry Lake twinflower mule deer fawn Strawberry Mountains

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