Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 30, 2015: Three-Fingered Jack, Oregon

Here's a map.
pale swallowtail butterfly on glaucus penstemon tawny horkelia moon & fir tree glaucous penstemon wind-whipped cloud over Three-Fingered Jack
Three-Fingered Jack at sunrise Three-Fingered Jack at sunrise Three-Fingered Jack at sunrise spirea Gray's lovage & spirea
California stickseed flower fly & glaucous penstemon twinflower scarlet gilia subalpine mariposa lily
lupines woodland beardtongue Canyon Creek Tiling's monkeyflower slender bog orchid
paintbrush larkspur Lewis' monkeyflower wildflowers wildflowers
Three-Fingered Jack tall mountain shooting-stars Three-Fingered Jack & lupines Three-Fingered Jack & Canyon Creek Meadows magenta paintbrush
Three-Fingered Jack & paintbrush magenta paintbrush & partridgefoot fields of lupines Three-Fingered Jack & lupines Three-Fingered Jack, paintbrush, & lupines
Three-Fingered Jack & lupines alpine lake agoseris Davis' knotweed north end of Three-Fingered Jack Three-Fingered Jack & wildflowers
yellow coral-bells (fuzzy elmera) Three-Fingered Jack & a tiny lake spreading stonecrop cliff penstemon moraine
spotted saxifrage alpine spring-beauty moraine lake & Mt. Jefferson cliff penstemon rugged ridge & Black Butte
view to the south Mt. Jefferson & a moraine lake alpine buckwheat hoodoos magenta paintbrush & partridgefoot
First Creek Meadows hoodoos Drummond's anemones broad-leaf arnica cliff paintbrush
yellow coral-bells (fuzzy elmera) hairy cinquefoil big yellow hoodoo Three-Fingered Jack view to the north
Crater Lake sandwort patrtridgefoot patrtridgefoot field of arnica Three-Fingered Jack's east ridge & saddle
wandering fleabane scarlet paintbrush & Lewis' monkeyflower dried-up pond musk monkeyflower arnica & Lewis' monkeyflower
scarlet gilia pond & burnt snags dwarf chamaesaracha B&B Fire huge dead tree

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