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July 17, 2014: McNeil Point & Barrett Spur, Mt. Hood, Oregon

After hiking from the Top Spur Trailhead to McNeil Point, I went cross-country above Cairn Basin to the foot of Barrett Spur, then went down a very long snowfield that took me back to the Timberline Trail just southwest of Wy'east Basin (map). On the way back, I bushwhacked up a cliff to the top of Bald Mountain, which was a terrible idea; if you want to visit the summit of Bald Mountain, just take the trail!
foamflower pinedrops spider web western bugbane (tassel-rue) pinesap
bunchberry flower Mount Hood Douglas' catchfly cow parsnip snowberry
checkerspot butterflies on arnica thistle western coralroot twisted beargrass gray jay
tiger lilies paintbrush & lupines Washington lilies avalanche lilies jacob's-ladder
Bald Mountain Ridge & Muddy Fork Mount Hood western pasqueflower helicopter white mountain heather
snowfields pink mountain heather & paintbrush harsh paintbrush west fork of Ladd Creek western pasqueflower
spreading stonecrop (and juniper leaves) meadows above Cairn Basin Gladd Ridge Davidson's penstemon alpine willow garden
timberline phacelia partridgefoot & stonecrop dots snowfield & three volcanoes Barrett Spur Mount Hood & Ladd Glacier
moraines & snowfields Sitka willow (?) meltwater puddle cushion buckwheat tufted saxifrage
alpine goldenrod alpine rock garden alpine rock garden alpine rock garden Barrett Spur
paintbrush & white mountain heather white & yellow mountain heather long snowfield avalanche lilies maple-leaf currant
McNeil Point Trail junction cinquefoil feathery mitrewort tall mountain shooting star pink mountain heather
trailside waterfall willow leaf gall white rhododendron dwarf bramble Yocum Ridge waterfalls
Oregon sunshine blue-head gilia white-veined pyrola Cascade penstemon Bald Mountain summit scramble
Bald Mountain summit scramble Mount Hood & Sandy Glacier Oregon bedstraw heart-leaf buckwheat Mount Hood & Bald Mountain's shadow

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