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June 6-7, 2014: Opal Creek & Opal Lake, Oregon

Biked down the road to Jawbone Flats as far as the Kopetski Bridge, then hiked to Opal Pool and Cedar Flats. Visited Three Pools Day Use Area that evening, spent the night at an awesome dispersed campsite on Cedar Creek, then hiked down from FR-2207 to Opal Lake the next day. Drove back to Highway 22 via French Creek Road, which is scenic but rough.
little-leaf montia & Oregon sunshine Cascade penstemon flowy water deer fern fiddlehead bunchberries
bead lily Opal Pool Opal Pool Mertens' saxifrage Opal Pool Falls
Opal Pool Opal Pool Falls Pacific rhododendron rusty saxifrage Cardwell's penstemon
Cardwell's penstemon & rusty saxifrage Pacific rhododendron Flume Creek Falls western coralroot western red-cedars
Columbia windflower bunchberries small waterfall on Opal Creek Flume Creek Falls Opal Pool
Opal Pool Falls Opal Pool Opal Pool Sara Little North Santiam River
arnica rock tower & rapids Oregon sunshine Sullivan Falls Sullivan Falls
Henline Mountain beargrass paintbrush paintbrush & Oregon sunshine beargrass
Sitka mountain ash stream violets salmonberry flowers baneberry flowers eroded trail
trillium devil's club, budding stink currant marsh violets tall mountain shooting star
Opal Lake Opal Lake arctic starflower mountain buttercup white marsh-marigolds
avalanche lilies prickly currant (black gooseberry) Marten Buttes Three Sisters Mt. Jefferson

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