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March 27, 2015: Mosier Plateau & Memaloose Pinnacles, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

This was two short hikes (map): first, the relatively new Mosier Plateau trail that goes a couple miles uphill from the town of Mosier. Later, a mostly off-trail exploration of the "Mosier Pinnacles," between the Memaloose Overlook on Highway 30 and Memaloose State Park on I-84.
fiddleneck buttercups balsamroot & buttercups top of Mosier Creek Falls saxifrage
popcorn flower prairie stars henbit dead-nettle coastal manroot flowers miniature lupine
balsamroot balsamroot lupine balsamroot big-head clover
small-flowered blue-eyed-mary grass widow blue-eyed-mary saxifrage & gold stars gold stars
white fairy-poppy (meconella) larkspur & gold stars larkspur & gold stars balsamroot Columbia desert parsley seeds
Mosier Creek Falls Mosier Pioneer Cemetery harsh paintbrush Memaloose Pinnacles rusty-hair saxifrage
serviceberry flowers poet's shooting stars Memaloose Pinnacles Memaloose Pinnacles balsamroot
Memaloose Pinnacles Memaloose Pinnacles seven-spotted ladybug ball-head waterleaf prairie stars

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