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May 19, 2017: Cottonwood Canyon State Park & Seven-Mile Hill, Oregon

Cottonwood Canyon was pretty boring... except for the cliff swallows. The birds were cool.

On my way home from CCSP, I stopped at Seven-Mile Hill near The Dalles for a little extra wildflower fix.

bold jumping spider cliff swallows cliff swallow nests the trail cut-leaf thelypody
noctuid moth on changeable phacelia cliffs Leiberg's stonecrop Indra swallowtail butterfly (in my footprint) sagebrush & cliffs
balsamroot & sagebrush cut-leaf thelypody & the moon sagebrush & white-top pear-hip rose (Woods' rose) cliff swallows
John Day River cliffs fiddleneck winged dock (veiny dock) John Day River
almost-dry waterfall monkeyflower cut-leaf thelypody teeny-tiny miner's lettuce larkspur
round-leaf alumroot larkspur sagebrush & cliffs naked broomrape bi-colored cluster lilies
western poison-ivy hanging valley grand collomia monkeyflower tadpoles
monkeyflower side canyon waterfall & side canyon monkeyflower & cattails water speedwell
Oregon sunshine lupines lupines mostly-dry waterfall long-leaf phlox
lupines red-stem miner's lettuce fiddleneck terraced hills wind turbines
wind turbines bi-colored cluster lilies fork-tooth ookow Hood River milk-vetch seed pods lemon-scented madia
common vetch fern-leaf desert parsley few-flowered pea balsamroot hairy vetch
prairie star flowers and seed-pods western buttercup seeds Seven-Mile Hill heart-leaf buckwheat winter vetch (woolly vetch)

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